The Alaska Hamster Cage

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Cage Dimensions - Basic starter size for syrians and dwarf hamsters

Floorspace: 4074 cm2
Length: 84cm
Width: 48.5cm
Height: 45cm

Floorspace: 630 sqin
Length: 33 inch
Width: 19.1 inch
Height: 17.7 inch

✅ This meets the basic requirements for hamsters. Anything smaller than this is not suitable for Syrian hamsters and anything smaller than 70cm*40cm is not suitable for Dwarf hamsters. Note that 60cm "mini" Alaskas are not suitable for hamsters.

🐹 Excellent starter cage for hamsters. 
🐹 Suitable for Dwarf & Syrian hamsters, mice, gerbils and small pets.
🐹 Spacious, Sturdy, and Secure.
🐹 Very good ventilation and airy.
🐹 Easy to clean.

🐹 Comes with handles at the side for easy carrying.
🐹 Comes with a detachable platform, hideout, and slide.
🐹 Lots of space for you to decorate and provide enrichment.

*Not suitable for Roborovskis.

Check out this article by Hamster Society Singapore or this video by Victoria Raechel to learn more about why hamsters thrive in large cages and its benefits!