*Restocking* 21cm Silent Acrylic Wheel for Dwarf Hamsters

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Shipment is well on its way and will arrive around the 2nd week of November. This wheel is definitely worth the wait, you'll love it.

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21cm = 8.3 inch

🔇 Super silent, runs as smooth as butter.

🐹 Suitable for Dwarf hamsters of all ages, even young ones and Roborovskis. They need a wheel which allows them to run with a straight back, hence the minimum size of 21cm needed.

Note: this is too small for Syrian hamsters which require at least 27.5cm.

🐹 Light enough for dwarf hamster and roborovskis to run on, but the base is sturdy enough such that it holds well and doesn't wobble or rattle.

The best wheel I've ever used!

🐹 Bearings and mechanism is extremely extremely smooth.

Tried and tested even on a wee little roborovski.

Smoother and less resistance than the Wild Sanko wheel.

Spins without a sound unlike the Carno wheel which can be quiet but not completely silent.

🐹 Sides and base are fully clear and transparent. Only the backing is coloured.